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Server Information

Hosting Buzz offers one of the most stable and reliable network connections. With Hosting Buzz you get peace of mind and can be assured that your web site and other internet services stay up and running all the time.

Another major service, offered by Hosting Buzz, adding to reliability and peace of mind. Our servers are regularly administered by our professional administrators including regular updates and patches; running anti-virus program, disk and other error checks and checking event logs on a daily basis.

Speed and Performance
Our servers are state of the art Intel Dual XEON 2.0GHz with Hyperthreading, 2x512KB cache, 2.0GB ECC RAM, 2x80GB 7200rpm drives and Hardened secure Kernel. These extremely powerful servers us only Premium bandwidth. No DCJN bandwidth used. Reliability, extreme uptime and fanatical support is our focus and total obsession. The combination of Intel Dual XEON 2.0GHz, 2GB ECC RAM servers and Premium bandwidth, makes for an extremely reliable hosting platform.

24/7 Server Monitoring
Modwest servers are monitored by a remote "robot" program that tests web and database availability, keeping our staff informed of server status every second of the day.