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Payment Questions

What payment options do you offer?
Currently payments may be paid by credit card, direct deposit, money orders or cheque.

Can I pay my account monthly?
Yes. All hosting accounts can be paid monthly via credit card, all plans except the minplan can be paid direct deposit.

What are your bank account details?
Account: digitalhost
     Bank: Suncorp Metway
     BSB: 484799
     Account Number: 049484990

Where do I send a cheque or money order?
You may send all cheque and money order payments with your printed tax Invoice to:
PO Box 4223

What happens at the end of my contract?
30 days before the end of your contract our accounts department will send out a email letting you know that your contract is coming up for renewal. Included with that email will be an invoice for the new year of service. When you choose to continue with us for another year you can simply follow the payment instructions contained in the Tax Invoice.