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Have Questions?

We Have Answers.

We realise that most people have questions and concerns when it comes time to make decisions about internet services.

This list serves to answer some frequently asked questions about the Hosting Buzz service.

If can not find an answer to a question, or we have used some terms that you didn't understand, please feel free to contact us.
What is a web site?
A web site is a way to provide information about your company that can be accessed online. Your web site is a place on the Internet where anyone in the world can visit whenever they want to find out more about you, ask you questions, give you feedback, or even buy your products. Think of the Internet as the world's biggest trade show, shopping centre and library.

How does a web site work?
A web site is simply a collection of files that reside on a computer connected to the Internet. When someone visits your site, they are actually contacting that computer, and that computer (called a web server) gives the visitor the files they want to see. It sounds very simple, but most normal computers don't have the power or the software needed to constantly respond to all the requests made by all the visitors to a web site.

This is why small business outsource the service of maintaining a web server to hosting providers like Hosting Buzz. Our shared web hosting service allows customers to have access to the high bandwidth connections and high quality servers at a fraction of the cost of maintaining the equipment themselves.

Your prices are so low, is the service quality as good as your competitors?
Our prices are much lower than other prices you may have seen, and hosting features are identical/better than other companies charging much higher rates, so you are wondering if our hosting is as good. Let me start of by saying that our hosting is by no means "cheap hosting" the only thing cheap about our hosting is the price. We are running high performance, top of the line internet servers. We have seen the same 200MB/2GB package that we are offering being sold for $60/Month.

We could have chosen to sell our hosting for those rates, but then there would be nothing setting us apart from our competition. If you are a firm believer in the quote "you get what you pay for" than by all means go and host your site with other companies charging you anywhere from $20-60 a month for the same package we are selling for $120/year.

Do you accept international customers?
Yes, we do accept any international customers.

How long has Hosting Buzz been in operation?
The need for a high quality yet affordable web hosting and domain name registration service for Australian small businesses was first realised by Hosting Buzz's owner in September 2001. In December 2001, Hosting Buzz was formally created to fulfill this need. The next six months were spent in research and development and we officially commenced retail operations in July 2002. We are not here to make a quick dollar, but rather for the long haul and grow with the industry and our clients to strive to continually offer remarkable and value added hosting services.

How can contact I contact Hosting Buzz?
All of our contact details including e-mail addresses, phone numbers and mailing details can be found on our contact page.

Are your support areas hard to follow or understand?
We try to make it as clear as possible, however, if you get confused, this is understandable, particularly if you are starting out. If this happens please don't hesitate to contact us so we can assist further.

Do you provide Internet connectivity via dialup or broadband access?
No, we do not offer any Internet connectivity services.

Do you offer web design and/or web development services?
No, we do not offer any web design or web development services to our customers. To actually build your web site you will need to locate a web designer.

How quickly will my account be set up after I sign up?
Accounts are processed within 1 hour of completing our order form during business hours (8am-6pm Monday-Saturday).

What about Technical Support?
Every customer will receive free technical support for the life of the account. We have also setup an extensive online technical support centre that has how to guides, knowledgebase and video tutorials to help you with all aspects of using your web hosting account.

Do You Offer A Money Back Guarantee?
Yes. If after 7 days from the purchase of your web hosting plan, you are not satisfied with the level of service that we offer and you notify us of this within this time period, we will gladly refund the hosting fees for your account, whether it be for a monthly or an annual payment.

Please note: domain registration fees, SSL certificates and web site submissions are not subject to our refund policy.