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Internet Merchant Accounts
If you are looking to have both "Real Time" processing and your business name appears on your customer's credit card statement you will need an merchant account.

Merchant accounts are granted to you business by banks and give you the ability to take credit cards to receive payments for your products or services. An Internet Merchant Account is a supplementary facility to a Merchant Account, allowing merchants to accept card payments over the Internet. When applying for a Merchant Account you will need to specify that you wish to apply for an Internet Merchant Account.

Internet-ready merchant accounts enable you to handle Internet transactions in "real time" without any human intervention. Because the risk of credit card fraud is greater when you are accepting credit cards over the Internet, these specialised merchant accounts also provide additional checks that can significantly reduce the chance of credit card fraud. Once the transactions are processed, the merchant account provider transfers the funds received from the credit card transactions from your merchant account to your bank account.

With merchant accounts the startup costs and ongoing monthly costs are high though the big advantages are public perception and fast access to your funds.

A number of Australian banks offer Internet-ready merchant accounts and you are free to choose any merchant account provider, as long as they support the payment gateway and shopping cart option you choose.

We recommend customers use StGeorge Bank for their Internet Merchant Account needs.

Why do we recommend StGeorge Bank?
We have been using St George Bank for the last three years as have many of our customers who have all found St George Bank to be helpful and easy to work with when establishing merchant accounts.

When establishing a internet merchant account there is no reason for you to change banks as your StGeorge merchant facility can then be linked to any nominated bank account eg. NAB, Commonwealth, WestPac etc. The money is then transferred at the end of each day from StGeorge to your nominated account.

How long does it take to get a merchant account?
If you have all your information prepared it can take as little as a week. We recommend you have a business plan, your return policy and privacy statements prepared to speed up the application process.