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Domain Name Tips + Ideas

Choosing domain names can be a hard process. This is because registering a worthwile domain name is becoming increasingly hard. Many domains are already registered to others and turnover is low. That is why this guide has been prepared by Hosting Buzz to offer some advice and ideas on securing the ideal domain for your business.

Register your domain name NOW!
If you are even thinking about registering a domain name and it's available - get it now! We can't tell you how many times we've heard someone say they checked on names but waited to register them (even a day later) and they were gone. It happens all the time. Remember as more and more businesses go online, the number of available good names goes down.

Choose the best domain for your business
It's best to register a name that reflects the name or purpose of the business/organisation without being vague or misleading.

Choose the extension that is right for your business
There are many different extensions available. If you are an Australian company doing business mostly in Australia, we recommend a extension. It is the first extension that most Australian's try when searching for a site. There is also the added benefit that Australian search engines give preference to .au domains ahead of international domain like .com .biz and .info. If the ideal is not available, try our domain name wizard search feature which will help with a list of alternative domains.

Do not register a domain name in bad faith or infinge on any tradmarks with the purpose to sell the domain at a future date.
Firstly, it's not nice. Secondly, in the Australian domain name system, there are rules in place that make it illegal to sell a domain name. Finally, companies no longer open their chequebooks to get their domains back. There are procedures in place here in Australian and internationally that deal with domain disputes. These procedures could result in legal action being brought against the unrightful domain name holder.

Look for good domain names.
Although finding a high quality generic domain is difficult not all the good names are taken. It's been reported that over 10% of the domain names registered in previous years went unrenewed! Thousands of previously registered names become available every day. Be persistent. You may just get the perfect domain for your business as well!

Consider Search Engines
When selecting a domain name we always suggest considering how "search engine friendly" you want it to be. Search Engines like Google, nineMSN and Yahoo favour domain names that include search phrase keywords within them. For example, if one was to have a web site about Outback Adventures, and choose a domain name of the chances of the web site being found on a search for "outback adventures" would be increased.

Domains can not be changed
Once a name is registered it can not be changed, altered or deleted from the domain name system until it reaches it's expiry date. That means if you change your mind after the domain has been registered you will have to register an entirely new domain without course for a refund for the original domain.

Character types
Domain names can only use letters, numbers, and hyphens ("-"). Spaces and other symbols are not allowed, and they cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Domain names are not case sensitive and cannot exceed 63 total characters.

Ask around
When you have settled on several available name choices, see what your friends and clients have to say. A name that may make perfect sense to you may be too hard for other people to say, remember, spell or type. Ask yourself and your associates these questions: Is your domain easy to say? Is it easy to type? Is it hard to spell? Do you have to explain why you chose the name?

Don't pay high fees for domain name registrations
At one time, when Melbourne IT were the only .au domain name registrar which allowed them and their resellers to get away with charging $140-$230 to register domains. On July 1 2002, the domain name industry was de-regulated and other companies were able to compete to sell domain names. This has lowered prices in Australia dramatically. To see by how much, check out our prices and see how you can register your domain for only $44 for a 2 year registration.

Register more than one domain
If alternative domain name extensions are available, we suggest that you register several similar domain names to secure your businesses online identity. An example being: if you have "", register "" and so on. This allows people who are unsure of the difference between domain extensions to be able to still locate your web site. It also retricts cybersquaters, competitors, disgruntled staff or clients or any other applicants to register the domain. You may also want to register your full company name as well as a shorter, easier to remember version.

Still having troubles?
If you are uncertain which domain name is best for you, we're happy to review your options and advise which we consider to be most appropriate.