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.INFO Terms and Conditions

The following additional terms and conditions apply to the registration of Domain Names in the .info top level domain. "We" or "us" refers to Hosting Buzz and/or Enom, and "Registry" refers to Afilias, Inc. which acts as the registry for the .info top level domain.

  1. Term. Your right to use each Domain Name registered will commence as of the Registration Date and will continue for a minimum of two (2) years ("Initial Term").

  2. Registrant Information. You shall provide accurate and reliable contact details and immediately correct and update them during the term of the registration, as provided in the Agreement. You agree that your willful provision of inaccurate or unreliable information, your willful failure promptly to update information provided by you, or your failure to respond for over fifteen (15) calendar days to inquiries concerning the accuracy of contact details associated with your Domain Name Registration shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement and be a basis for cancellation of the registration.

  3. Domain Name Disputes. You agree that in connection with disputes over your Domain Name Registration:

    1. Jurisdiction. You shall submit, without prejudice to other potentially applicable jurisdictions, to the jurisdiction of the courts (1) of your domicile and (2) where we are located.

    2. Dispute Policy. If you have registered your name during the Sunrise Period, you agree to be bound by the Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy ("Sunrise Dispute Policy") found at ( In addition you agree to comply with the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy identified on ICANN's Web site (, until different policies and procedures are established by us, the Registry or ICANN for resolution of Domain Name disputes. You agree that, if your use of our Domain Name registration services is challenged by a third party, you will be subject to the provisions specified in our dispute policy in effect at the time of the dispute.

  4. Transfer of the Registrar. You may request a change to your Registrar ("Registrar Transfer") pursuant to the procedures set forth on the Web site and such other procedures required by us, ICANN, or our ICANN-accredited partner, Enom. In the event you elect to transfer a Domain Name from another Registrar to your account with us, and the transfer request is approved, you agree that Enom will become your Registrar of Record for that Domain Name. In the event you transfer your domain name away from us, or should the domain name otherwise be transferred to another Registrar, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall cease and shall be replaced by the new Registrar's contractual terms then in force for Domain Name registration. You agree that you will be prohibited from making a Registrar Transfer during the first 60 days after the initial registration of the Domain Name. Beginning the 61st day after the initial registration, you may request a Registrar Transfer to another Registrar.

  5. Suspension, cancellation, or transfer of Domain Names. You agree that your registration of the Domain Name shall be subject to suspension, cancellation, or transfer pursuant to any ICANN adopted specification or policy, or pursuant to any registrar or registry procedure not inconsistent with an ICANN adopted specification or policy, (1) to correct mistakes by us, the Registry or a third party in registering the name or (2) for the resolution of disputes concerning the Domain Name.

  6. Right of Refusal. You agree and understand that the Registry reserves the right to refuse to register or reserve your chosen Domain Name within thirty (30) calendar days from receipt of your payment. In the event the Registry does not register or reserve your domain name, or it deletes your domain name within such thirty (30) calendar day period, you agree that the Registry shall not be liable to you for loss or damages that may result from the refusal to register, reserve, or delete your domain name.

  7. Consent to use of Information.You consent to use, copying, distribution, publication, modification and other processing of registered name holder's personal data by Registry and its designees and agents in a manner consistent with the Registry requirements.

  8. Limitation of Liability. You acknowledge that the Registry will have no liability of any kind for any loss of liability resulting from the proceedings and process relating to the Sunrise Period or the Land Rush Period, including, without limitation: (a) the ability or inability of a registrant to obtain a Registered Name during these periods, and (b) the results of any dispute over a Sunrise Registration.

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