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Australian Domain Names

It's essential to register your domain name ASAP to promote and protect your online identity: it's a key business asset.

That's why Hosting Buzz has made the process of registering your company's domain a quick, easy and cheap experience. By offering a user-friendly domain search and registration service at the lowest prices available in Australia we ensure that within minutes the name you want will be yours.

Our Guarantee
You can be assured that every domain registered through Hosting Buzz is registered in your name and includes free customer support, no hidden charges or fees, free delegation and a renewal reminder service.

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How to choose a name?
Getting the right domain that suits your business is probably the most important task when first venturing online. That's why we help you choose the perfect online identity by providing important domain names tips and a daily listing of Australian expired domain names to get the choice right.

Why register a domain name?
A domain name is similar to being like a business name or telephone number on the Internet. It provides your business with a professional and unique online identity that allows Internet users to easily recognise and find your web site on the world wide web.

Registering your own domain name also means when you purchase hosting you can use personalised email addresses (eg. you@smallbusiness.com.au). A personalised email address is easier to remember and presents a professional image.

Remember, even if you are not yet ready to create your own web site, you can park your domain name for free at Hosting Buzz and sign up for a web hosting plan with us or another web hosting provider at a later date.